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Energy Current Meditation

Since 2008 medium Oscar De Sousa founded the energy current meditation in the central coast of N.S.W Australia. This meditation is one of the most unique non denominational meditations in Australia, experiencing this amazing session benefits and alleviates the spirit and energy within.

A session comprises of a short introduction with Oscar touching on certain topics each week and guides people to connect into their energy and spirit. As an energy current is formed Oscar then anchors the current while people in the session begin to feel elated and aligned to their inner being, their guides and their source of divinity.


Due to current social circumstances the meditation has also expanded live on line for anyone to log on to  with Oscar. Experience the expansion of the energy current into you and your home.

Oscar always mentions when we connect to our spirit energy it enables us to become closer to our spirit guides and divinity.

The energy current meditation is a nondenominal session that embraces all forms of faith systems nor does it impede on anyone’s personal beliefs. The energy current session assists people to be able to connect to ‘their’ source of divinity and feel their own spiritual energy. It’s a session that helps people’s minds connect to their spirit and energy. Oscar has over 20 years experience as a psychic medium, spiritual mentor and holding the space for people to connect to their spirit. 

The Energy Current Meditation has received much attention around Australia by the people that come to see Oscar when he is doing a talk or presentation.

If you like to attend one the meditation at the Spirit Energy Centre, please call us to book a seat on 02-4393 3956

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