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Kerrie Basha


Having completed study over the past two decades in fields as diverse as herbalism, energy healing, crystal healing, flower essence therapy, shamanic witchcraft and astrology, Kerrie is a transformation guide and shadow worker.

An experienced tarot reader and oracle for over a decade, Kerrie offers insightful readings that combine her unique perspective with her connection to the seen and unseen worlds. Her readings are a warm deep dive into the currents of your life peppered with her wide ranging knowledge of the dimensions of healing.

Kerrie’s unique approach to shadow work operates at the intersection of memory, imagination and healing. Shadow work is the most compassionate journey you can make. One that holds our wounds and wonders equally sacred, our story as constant context and the whole truth precious and unvarnished. Her bespoke sessions and signature program offer a curated journey to explore your shadow in a safe ace that is both trauma informed and non-judgemental. 

Kerrie’s energetic healing sessions are an intuitive combination of modalities that include reiki, chakra balancing, crystals and shamanic journeying. As a practicing witch, Kerrie combines her knowledge of the physical and energetic anatomy with her psychic abilities to offer bespoke healing sessions that address energetic imbalances and blockages in the smooth flow of the body system. Wonderful as a support to alternative and botanical medicine, nourishing for those battling health issues and psychological distress and calming for those looking to smooth out their channels and relax.

Kerrie offers breathwork, meditation and storytelling every dark and full moon and hosts an online community dedicated to spiritual exploration and alignment to the cycles of nature, the Coven Electric. Kerrie writes regularly on the dance of the planets and the stuff that stirs our collective soul on her Bohomofo pages and this year published her first book, Morsel.

Here are the session and prices Kerrie is offering. 

Shadow Work


Shadow Discovery Session 1 hr – $170

Shadow Dancer Program initial session 2 hr – $300

Shadow Dancer Program session 1.5 hr (if you’ve already started the program) – $200


Tarot and Oracle Readings


Reading 1 hr – $140

Reading 1.5 hr – $195

The Big Shebang 2 hrs – $300

Healing Sessions


Hands on Healing session 1 hr – $175.00

Hands on Healing session 1.5 hr – $250.00


Divine and design a spell and ritual to address a particular issue, desire or problem

*please note I do not do the ritual for you or work with curses*

1 hr / $166



Dream interpretation and symbolic guidance

Half hour / $80

You can find out more about Kerrie and her offerings, as well as book in for clinic or online sessions, at her website at www.bohomofo.com

( e ) [email protected]

Available by appointment at the Spirit Energy Centre.

Book online at www.bohomofo.com

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