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Filiz Niyazi


Feliz is a spiritual teacher, healer and counsellor. Her strong connection with Spirit initiated the ability to speak Light Language, which is a powerful activator for the transformation of human consciousness.

Filiz experienced a deep connection with Spirit from an early age, which increased as she faced many life challenges. She became an active seeker of spiritual wisdom teachings, studying primarily in India; which culminated in her moving to Australia. She has over 25 years’ experience as a transformational teacher, healer and counsellor. Filiz is accredited with the Australian Counselling Association and with the O&O Academy as a One Consciousness Trainer.

What is Light Language? In 2012, Filiz spontaneously started to speak Light Language, which is a form of communication from Spirit to support and accelerate our Ascension process. The Light language activates the brain, physical and light bodies and affects your entire consciousness. The light sound frequencies transmute deep emotional, physical pain and trauma, working at a cellular and DNA level. It is a powerful activator for the ascension and growth of individuals and groups.

How is Light Language Transmitted? Filiz is the instrument through which the light sounds frequencies and codes flow. She speaks and sings sacred Light Languages which are simultaneously transmitted through her hands.

What are the Benefits of Light Language? The light energy restores, balances, vitalises and awakens the receiver into various states such as: deep peace, stillness, silence, joy, bliss, expansion. The light sounds dissolve destructive patterns and off pitch vibrations in the body mind consciousness. Listening to the Light Language with Filiz may also activate your own remembrance and potential to speak Light Language accelerating your awakening and ascension.

Filiz offers:

· Group/Individual Light Language/Sound activation sessions/workshops

· Individual Spiritual Counselling/ sessions (Filiz is a highly experienced qualified Counsellor.)

· Meditation Blessing groups

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