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Energy Current Meditation's first transcendental guided meditation album

Experience a 46 minutes transcendental journey of carefully created music that facilitates your spirit, body and mind in alignment. The meditation commences with Oscar De Sousa guiding you into relaxing your body, aligning your mind to your breath, and the energy of your spirit. He then guides you into detaching from reality outside of yourself, and receiving divine energy into your body through the crown chakra and expanding the energy throughout your body. 

Oscar then invokes guides, angels masters, benevolent beings and loved ones to facilitate your experience.

The remaining session is exquisite esoteric music emitting various frequencies that assist your body and mind connecting to your spirit energy and the light dimension. 

At the end of the session Oscar gently brings you back to yourself, grounding the experience. 

Featuring Oscar de Sousa

(guiding intro and ending)

Created & Produced by

Oscar De Sousa & Marco Jager

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